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Flow rate measurement with Palmer-Bowlus ZPB flume and FLOWBOX flow meter

Ultrasonic FLOWBOX flow meter with Palmer Bowlus ZPB flume


The subject of our offer is a Palmer Bowlus flume intended for measuring momentary and total flow of the liquid in gravitational channels, with the use of an ultrasonic flow meter FLOWBOX . Upon request, it’s also possible to carry out pre-investment technical consulting, as well as subsequent installation, launching* and protocol-based delivery of flow meter for the use. We also sell individual elements of the measuring set manufactured by us (e.g. only Palmer-Bowlus flume or only flow meter FLOWBOX).


  Palmer-Bowlus flume data sheet
  FLOWBOX flow meter data sheet
  FLOWBOX flow meter manual
  declarations of conformity


  1. Palmer-Bowlus measuring flume
  2. FLOWBOX flow meter

Palmer-Bowlus measuring flume with FLOWBOX utrasonic flow meter


The liquid flow rate measurement with Palmer-Bowlus flume and water rise method in circular channels is based on the actual liquid level measured by the ultrasonic sensor (radar sensor, optional) at the hydraulic structure converted into the value of flow ratio by the measuring transmitter.

The basic condition to apply the method is to provide, undisturbed and laminar flow in a measuring flume and free outflow of liquid from the measuring flume.


Palmer - Bowlus flume, in accordance with ISO 4359:1983 "Liquid flow measurement in open channels. Rectangular, trapezoidal and U-shaped flumes” is one of the metering flumes intended for flow measurement in ducts with gravity flow. It is recommended for circular channels with gravity flow and unpressurized lines. The flume provides a close relation between liquid level and flow rate in a duct or a pipeline.

ZPB160 flume with ultrasonic sensor
ZPB160 Palmer-Bowlus flume
Palmer-Bowlus flume
ZPB200 Palmer-Bowlus with FLOWBOX flow meter


  • Optimum measuring accuracy of the flow rate
  • Standard flume dimensions
  • Easy installation in circular channels or pipelines
  • Easy flume installation


the family of Palmer-Bowlus flumes

We also offer Palmer-Bowlus flumes in specialised versions dedicated to various applications.

Palmer-Bowlus ZPB200 flume with side measuring stack
ZPB flume with vernier
Palmer-Bowlus measuring flume in hermetic version (antiodor)
ZPB flume with additional measurement

Inter alia we recommend Palmer-Bowlus flumes:

  • with SIDE MEASURING STACK for measurement of foamy liquid flow,
  • with VERNIER for visual determination of current flow rate in the pipeline, without electronic measuring instruments,
  • in HERMETIC version (antiodor),
  • with additional measurement (dissolved oxygen, pH value, ORP, conductivity) of a liquid (with FLOWBOXplus flow meter).

Exemplary Palmer-Bowlus flumes manufactured by DI-BOX------------

Palmer-Bowlus flume in a measuring chamber
Flow meter FLOWBOX - M1600 Transmitter
ZPB100 flume
M1600 transmiters in protective cabinets
Palmer-Bowlus ZPB200 flume while operating
FLOWBOX flow meter sheltered in a thermostatic cabinet
ZPB flume in a chamber
M1600 transmitters