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Flow rate measurement




Electromagnetic flow meters are intended for liquid flow rate measurements in closed pressured channels. The flow meters measure flow rate of conductive liquids, with and without impurities, aggressive or inert as well as conductive mixtures and pulps. Electrical conductivity of the medium for standard version shall exceed 5 mS/cm. The flow meters do not reduce pressure and do not have any mechanical parts. Electromagnetic flow meters measure volumetric flow of liquids with solid impurities.

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Exemplary instalations of electromagnetic flow meters------------

Exemplary instalations of electromagnetic flow meters   Exemplary instalations of electromagnetic flow meters

Exemplary instalations of electromagnetic flow meters   Different instalations of electromagnetic flow meters



Electromagnetic flowmeter flow ranges



a) Liquid flow rate

Electromagnetic flow meters in standard version measure liquid flow rate at 0.1 m/s to 10 m/s linear velocity.

b) Liquid conductivity

The liquid flowing through the flow meter sensor shall have an electrical conductivity > 5 mS/cm (special version: electrical conductivity > 0.35 mS/cm).

c) Full section flow

Flow meter sensor installation method shall provide flow in the full section of a line. The sensor is usually installed in the ascending line or the lower section of line elbow (water trap).




assembly of electromagnetic flow meter on a pipeline



a) Transmitter

  • Housing type: wall or board mounted

  • Supply: ~230 V, 50 Hz

  • Outputs: current 0/4...20mA, relay 2 x 2A/25V DC

  • Special version: RS-485 output, printer compatible (RS232C)

  • Verification for metering purposes - Central Office of Measures

  • Ambient temperature: -5...50°C

  • Protection rating: wall mounted unit: IP54, board mounted unit: IP40

b) Sensor

  • Sensor diameter: 3 mm to 2000 mm

  • Measuring range: 0...10 m/s

  • Measuring accuracy:

  • - 0.1...0.5 m/s – ±1% of the actual flow rate

  • - 0.5...10 m/s - ±0.5% of the actual flow rate

  • Ambient temperature: -30...60°C

  • Protection rating: IP65

  • Available connections: bolted, clamping, compression or flange

  • Max. pressure: do 4MPa



The set includes:

  • Microprocessor trasmitter

  • Sensor

  • Cable, sensor to transmitter (standard length = 10 meters)

  • On request: verification certificate

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