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Ultrasonic flow meters, electromagnetic flow meters



In accordance with current regulations, each water and wastewater management facility is required to account for the volume of disposed wastewater. Flow rate metering and measuring systems are discussed as part of the relevant regulations, e.g. in the “Water resource law”, “Environmental law”, “Collective water supply and waste disposal” and the government order “on environmental fees” and the orders of the President of the Central Office of Measures.


FLOWBOX flow meter with measuring flumes

There are currently several dozen methods of flow measurement in use by water and wastewater management facilities. The subject of our offer is the delivery, assembly and start-up of the instruments (flow meter(s)) for liquid volume measurements. Depending on Client requirements, the measurement can be carried out in OPEN or CLOSED channels with ultrasonic, electromagnetic or doppler sensors.

In our offer you may find comprehensive solutions (apart from a delivery, an assembly, launching and further supervision is possible) for different flow condiotions. Our long experience and hundreds implemented applications are indubitable asset of our company. We kindly invite to a further cooperation.


Exemplary instalations of our FLOWBOX flow meters------------

Palmer-Bowlus flume in a well   FLOWBOX ultrasonic flowmeter

Flow rate measutements with measuring weir   M1600 transmitter in IP66 cabinet

Electromagnetic flowmeters   Flowmeter's M1600 transmitter


LIQUID FLOW RATE MEASUREMENT - gravitational conditions

One of the most cost effective and proven methods of flow measurement is the open channel measurement based on water rise methods. A liquid flow rate is measured based on the actual liquid level measured by the ultrasonic sensor at the hydraulic structure (flume or weir) converted into the value of flow ratio by the measuring transmitter. Due to high accuracy, easy installation and low costs, the method enjoys ever growing popularity.


Rising element:


LIQUID FLOW RATE MEASUREMENT - pressure conditions

Electromagnetic flow meters are intended for liquid flow rate measurements in closed channels. The flow meters measure flow rate of conductive liquids, with and without impurities, aggressive or inert as well as conductive mixtures and pulps. Electrical conductivity of the medium for standard version shall exceed 5 mS/cm. The flow meters do not reduce pressure and do not have any mechanical parts. Electromagnetic flow meters measure volumetric flow of liquids with solid impurities.



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